10 Facts About The Donald You May Not Know!

Donald Trump by Gages Kidmore is licensed under CC BY 2.0

While everyone learned many things about Donald Trump during the presidential elections, there are probably several things that you may still not know about the 45th president of the United States.

1 Attended Military School. Donald Trump’s first school was a private school in Forest Hills, New York, where he quickly developed the reputation of being a boisterous young lad. He punched his second grade music teacher in the eye causing it to turn black. When he was barely a teen, Trump would make secret trips from the family’s home in Queens to Manhattan where he would get into scrapes. Therefore, his father sent him off to a military academy when he turned 15.

2 From a Family of Five. Donald is the next to youngest of five children. The oldest is Maryanne Trump Barry who was a federal judge after being appointed by President Clinton until she retired in 2011. Freddy Trump passed away in 1981 at the age of 43. Elizabeth Trump Grau works as an administrative assistant at the Chase Manhattan Bank in New York. Robert Trump is retired after serving as an executive within the Trump Organization.

3 Teetotaler. Donald Trump does not drink any form of alcohol. He says that he saw the damage that it did to his older brother who eventually passed away from the effects of alcohol. He also does not drink coffee or tea.

4 Ran for President Before. This is not Donald Trump’s first attempt to become president. He first ran for president in 2000 on the Reform Party platform. Only 15,000 people voted for him in the California primary. He did a little better this time around! While he was hosting The Apprentice, he also considered running in 2004.

5 Famous for High Fives. While President Trump will shake your hand, he would much prefer to give you a high five. This is because he is a germaphobe. He has denied that he was in the past, but decided to admit that he had a real issue shaking hands with other people during a January press conference. The Prez needs to adopt former President Obama’s approach of handing out fist bumps, which apparently is an even healthier option!

6 Owns / Has Owned 144 International Companies. According to CNN, President Trump has owned 144 businesses in 25 different countries all over the globe – including the Trump Towers in Istanbul! Business operations include a multitude of things, including real estate, management golf deals and even beverage sales.

7 Loves Sports. Given the Donald’s competitive spirit it’s no surprise that he loves to watch sports. Since he grew up in New York City, it is also no surprise that his favorite baseball team is the New York Yankees. He offered to buy the New York Mets in 2011 when his friend team owner Fred Wilpon ran into financial trouble. He has also investigated buying the Buffalo Bills.

There was also some thought into purchasing the New England Patriots, but Trump decided the team presented too high a business risk. Maybe he’s second guessing that now! He did, however, own a football team called the New Jersey Generals of the United States Football League.

8 Adores Meatloaf. Not the singer, the food! President Trump has been outspoken about his love for McDonald’s, KFC and Wendy’s. His favorite meal, however, is his sister’s meatloaf that she makes him every year for his birthday. He also likes cherry vanilla ice cream and candy from See’s. He does not, however, like pizza with toppings, and he will scrape the toppings off to eat them because he does not like the dough.

9 Hates Long Reports. Who doesn’t, right? While President Obama loved to read as a hobby, President Trump says that reading has never particularly interested him. He also admits that he hates long reports. Although he would rather receive information verbally, if you are planning to send the Donald a report, then keep it under three pages!

10 Hates to Vacation. While President Trump owns more than five homes in the United States, he says that he hates to vacation. He finds the thrill of working very enjoyable, and he says he finds it nearly impossible to unwind. In his own words:

“”Don’t take vacations. What’s the point? If you’re not enjoying your work, you’re in the wrong job.” — Think Like A Billionaire” [source: twitter.com/realdonaldtrump]


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