8 Simple Digital Marketing Tools to Increase Productivity

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Digital marketing is a lucrative career, that requires a lot of work and time. However, for digital marketers, there are several online digital marketing tools and applications that can help complete work quickly and efficiently. In order to benefit from such tools please consider the below 8 digital marketing tools and apps to increase your efficiency and productivity.

1. Canva

canva digital marketing tool







1Canva. As a marketer, your responsibility and work does not end with designing posters or checking performance of campaigns. To build brand image, an effective design tool is needed that will help you design your posts and campaigns quickly. Canva is an online digital marketing tool that can make your life as a marketer a lot easier. Canva has many existing templates and pictures available that you can choose from to create what you want.

You can create almost anything, and quickly, from Infographics to Social media headers, mind maps to Venn diagrams. You can also edit photos and images to meet your needs.

Canva can be used either through the web or on an iOS enabled device, such as an iPhone or iPad. Over 10,000,000 people now use Canva and it has been described as “The easiest to use design program in the world”.

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2. SpyFu

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2SpyFu. This is a sneaky little tool you can use to essentially spy on your competitors. SpyFu gives you the keywords that competitor websites are buying on Google Adwords, and also keywords that websites are showing up for within the search rankings.

Once you discover what keywords are lucrative to your competitors, it makes your marketing strategy a little easier – as it takes the guesswork out of what keywords to target.

Interestingly enough, SpyFu’s data was utilized in the Washington Post during the 2008 Presidential election. It disclosed various keywords candidates were bidding on!

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3. Buffer

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3Buffer is a super efficient digital marketing tool that allows posting to your social media platforms all from one place. No more logging into each platform to update for new content! You can also schedule postings – so the distribution looks completely natural to the search engines (and not automated).

Buffer supports all the major social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google + and Pinterest. Over 3,000,000 are already using Buffer – and they have a huge team to support the masses.

One great thing about Buffer – they have a free account option. You are limited in how many accounts you can add – but it allows you to demo the system and see if it is something that would fit your needs.

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4. Lusha








4Lusha is an email and telephone number finder designed for recruiting purposes and applicant tracking but could be deployed by advertising and sales professionals enhance their sales, to raise their campaign success, and to drive business development. With only one click, Lusha can help you discover telephone numbers and emails of your customers in addition to possible candidates and workers.

Lusha makes it possible to locate contact information with speed, ease, and precision, saving a large quantity of effort and time that is typically required. Used by thousands of recruiters and sales advertising professionals and trusted with large brands and businesses, such as Google, Dell, and Microsoft, Lusha continues to be one of the very important digital marketing tools that help achieve very successful and efficient email marketing campaigns along with an essential program in locating the proper recruits to fill crucial positions and agendas.

As per Buffer – there is a limited free account option (that allows for 5 credits) so you can get your feet wet and test the system before committing to a membership.

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5. Loom

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5Loom is not just a digital marketing tool, it is a powerful communication tool that can be used in any form of business to increase productivity. Video marketing is becoming increasingly popular and Loom is making it easier for marketers to share videos and video URLs.

Loom provides a super efficient one click to start recording, then one click to finish and publish your video! The best part is that it’s a free tool that can be added as an extension to your PC or can be downloaded as an App.

Loom is used by such companies as Dropbox, Uber and airbnb and is trusted by over 100,000 teams in over 170 different countries! See a quick video walk-through below:

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6. Socedo








6 Socedo is one of the better digital marketing tools designed to help users reach their target prospects once they show interest in the space of the company, leveraging intent data. With intent data, users can gain insights into what potential clients care about and whether they are in a buying cycle.

Socedo has two Options to Spot in-market prospects based on real-time behavior:

  • Direct Generation solution, which allows marketers to discover and add pertinent new leads for their funnel.
  • Lead Acceleration solution, which makes it possible for marketers to utilize intent-based data from the social web to engage present leads.

With Socedo Users May also:

  • Get societal media insights on existing contacts and objective reports in real-time and quicken existing prospects via the funnel.
  • Sync accentuated lead data into Marketo.
  • Gain valuable behavioral and demographic information about leads, including job name company info, email addresses and telephone numbers profiles and social actions.
  • Match present leads to the user’s Marketo case to their social networking profiles, track leads’ social media activities and help identify revenue opportunities.

Socedo provides a free trial upon request.

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7. Majestic SEO

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7Majestic SEO is a complex yet simple to use Search Engine Optimization tool, that can increase your performance and improve your visibility tenfold. This very sneaky tool lets you download links to your competitor’s website, and then you can use the links whatever way you see most profitable for yourself. It’s a very quick tool for working on gaining a competitive edge.

3 of the main digital marketing tools Majestic SEO employs to accomplish this are:

  • Site Explorer – allows exploration of a competitor website in great detail.
  • Backlink History Checker – gives you the ability to see how many backlinks have been created for a webpage, subdomain, or entire domain.
  • Search Explorer – a quick tool to target keywords and find out what competing websites are ranking, and where in the search engines.

There are many more tools available, and the effectiveness of those tools depends on the membership level you have. There are free accounts available but they are limited.

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8. Hotjar









8HotJar is a hot tool that lets you track behavior of your visitors and help you design content based on the online behavior of your target market. It accomplishes this by generating click “Heatmaps” relating to your website. So you can see how many of your visitors click on what links at a glance.

Hotjar employs several other heatmaps for further behavioral tracking:

  • Move Heatmaps – see how your visitors are moving around your site
  • Scroll Heatmaps – see how far down each page your visitors are scrolling on average
  • Download and Share Heatmaps – see how many times your visitors have downloaded a file hosted on your site, or shared content
  • Device Type Heatmaps – see what physical devices people are connecting to your website from.

Some other tools Hotjar utilizes to provide visito behavior are visitor recordings, conversion funnels, form analysis, feedback polls and the ability to create custom surveys. A free 1 day trial account is available.

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Digital Marketing Tools Summary

Online digital marketing tools and extensions are a great way to increase your productivity. Some of these tools can even be used for personal use, for example Canva can be used for designing invitation cards, Loom can be used for finding contacts for sales purposes or by people who are running home based businesses. So, don’t let anything become an obstacle in the way of you increasing your speed and download these tools to become more productive!


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