Top 10 Strategies to Help With Procrastination
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Thomas S. Monson Quote by BK licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0
So… it’s taken me 3 weeks to finish up this post. Any guesses why so long? 😉 Ah… my old friend procrastination! It is important to recognize that if you partake in such a favored pastime, you are not alone, procrastination is pretty normal. For some more than others.
Thankfully there are a bunches of definitive strategies you can embrace to overcome it. We all need a little help with procrastination from time to time, so here are ten awesome strategies to help with procrastination and beat it once and for all!
Give it five (or maybe ten) minutes.
With this strategy, the purpose is to spend just five or ten minutes doing the task that you’ve been avoiding. The logic is that you can endure five minutes of anything. And c’mon, 5 minutes from your day does not impact much else.
Set yourself up for success by making a list of difficult things you’ve done or situations you’ve gotten through in five or ten minutes. I’m sure you’ve done things you haven’t really wanted to do before now, right? Start every sentence with, “If I could do laundry for 5 minutes, I can vacuum for 5 minutes”. Duplicate these to your own circumstances as often as required.
If you’ve been avoiding cleaning off your desk, spend five minutes on the task. That’s it. When the five minutes is up, you’re free and clear to stop working on the endeavor. Of course, more than often, as soon as you get into doing something you will continue. You’re likely going to finish cleaning off that desk. Ha-ha, tricked ya 🙂
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