Supercharge your Productivity with these 10 Smartphone Apps

10 smartphone productivity apps

With everyone so busy nowadays, our phones are not only an instrument for connecting with our families and friends, but also used for work (boo!!!). Our phones are (according to our bosses) the powerful tools that we can use to increase our productivity. Woo. Hoo. In order to help you with productivity and time management, take a read through the list of 10 productivity and time management Apps for iPhone and Android.

1 Microsoft Office Suite Apps. Want to edit or view a spreadsheet on your way to work, or make or view a power point presentation, or write a brief that you need to print as soon as you get to work, then Microsoft Office Suite, is a great way to increase your productivity. Microsoft Office Suite has different free apps available that you can download if you need to be able to work when you are mobile.

2 Evernote is a great note creating and sharing app, that can be downloaded on all your devices and enables you to access any document or note you want from, well, anywhere, and edit it as well. It’s your personalized digital notebook that you can use for collecting anything ranging from photos, to documents, to links, to clips and to-do-lists. You can use it like you would use a notebook that you could anywhere, but only better because you don’t have to carry extra weight around to remember things anymore.

3Workflow. As described by Workflow developers, Workflow is a powerful app that has made automation simple. Although it is a paid app, it’s worth its cost. You can download the app for $2.99, and manage it on multiple devices. Workflow is a powerful tool for businesses and individuals to allocate tasks, design workflow charts and arrange tasks in order of importance, and it comes with inbuilt notifications and alerts option. It can be as simple as you want it to be or as complex as it needs to be. You can create all your workflows according to your requirements right from your phone.

4 Google Keep is very similar to Evernote, but it also gives you the ability to color code things the way you want to (who doesn’t adore color coding!!), so if you don’t like Evernote, you could download Google Keep as well, you might find it simpler and easier to use and more aligned with what you are looking for.

5 PushBullet. Looking for an easier way to send links, pictures and documents, and be notified about the messages you received on any device, then Pushbullet is the app for you. This app is a wireless app designed to send notes, pictures, or any documents wirelessly to other devices, and it can be linked to desktops or laptops as well.

6 Slack. With slack, there is no room to, um, “slack” anymore. What a clever name for an App! This powerful app is great for increasing effective communication, especially if you need to improve communication with project managers or employees who are working virtually. The app lets users create different groups, share documents and change the status of their availability. The conversations can also be accessed through PC, web and the website also has the option of screen sharing.

7 Pocket could also be called a pocket update tool, it enables users to search for information online and provides real time updates on news, videos or information shared online, and users can choose the groups they want to receive information from and also save articles for later use.

8 SwiftKey. For those that detest that dang autocorrect! Swiftkey is the “better” version of autocorrect, most of the times we get frustrated with autocorrect predictions and corrections (while everyone else laughs at us), as it keeps changing correct words to something else, and in many of our cases, that something else is completely inappropriate! (Sorry Boss man!) SwiftKey does not do that. It uses a powerful keyboard design with a word prediction engine that predicts the next words users could type and alters it per the apps open on the phone screen. Users can change the size, theme or other features of the keyboard as per their requirements, and can create an account on their keyboard to be able to access it from other devices.

9 Adobe Lightroom. There are not a lot of apps or at least famous apps out there for photographers who are looking to work remotely from their phones, but Adobe has finally solved the problem by launching its Adobe Lightroom app that allows users to customize and edit their camera photos. So, all the photography enthusiasts who do not like to use basic filters to edit their pictures, can download Adobe Lightroom and edit their pictures professionally (and look fabulous doing so!). Thus far, the app allows users to change color tint, contrast, auto tones, and brightness only.

10 Remember the Milk. Sounds like something I forgot to add to the shopping list, I know. Last but not least is Remember the Milk, the app with the fun and catchy (albeit weird) name is a great way for users to get reminders for their tasks and mark them done when they have completed the tasks, and it can also be accessed from different devices to have the data available when you need it wherever you need it.


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