Top 5 Money Management Apps on Android and iPhone


A few years ago, I bought a personalized notebook that I could use for budgeting and finance management because I was overly mismanaging my finances – in the sense I wasn’t even tracking them. I was in the severe need of budgeting and cutting down on unnecessary expenses. I still maintain that habit, because I believe in order to effectively manage finances and track the money spent and money saved, writing it down or making a financial plan helps a lot. While I maintained the habit of writing someone told me about money management and finance apps, and in the beginning I thought my notebook was more effective, but soon I started discovering more efficient ways of budgeting and managing my finances. Not in any order, please take a look below at 5 tried and tested money management apps that will help you save and achieve your financial goals:


1The PocketGuard Budgeting app will simplify transactions for you, if you link it to your bank account, pocket guard will track different transactions, and show trends on the basis of recurring payments, and divide spending into different categories. If you are looking for an effective tool that can show you your expenses and spending in a simple graph form or a sheet, then PocketGuard could be the best budgeting tool for you.

mint smartphone app

2Mint. If you are looking for a personalized financial coach that will show you how you’re spending and suggest better ways to spend and remind you when you have to pay your bills and clear your dues, then Mint is the guardian angel budgeting app for you. Mint is available on android, iPhone and web, and can be connected to your bank account to track expenses and create budgets accordingly, and it’s one of the securest budgeting apps out there.

you need a budget

3You Need a Budget is more a guide than a budgeting app, because it’s going to help you not overspend by teaching you how to live on last month’s income, by giving you punches for every extra dollar spent, by analyzing the value of every dollar you spent and by letting you plan for infrequent expenses. The App is free to download, and you can use it for 34 days initially and then you have to pay a monthly subscription fee on the basis of your usage as depicted in the picture above.

homebudget iphone android app

4GoodBudget. If you frequently need to carry around invoices, and then later reconcile yours and your significant others invoices to track your finances, then GoodBudget could be a good fit for you, as it’s an envelope management app, that will sync all your invoices in one plan on different devices.

homebudget app

5HomeBudget” is an app for people who want to customize their budgets on their own, and want to manipulate and control their budget, the app might not work best for everyone because it doesn’t have a lot of automated features besides tracking and ability to synchronize budgets on all devices, but it’s a good fit for people who want to control their own budget.

Budgeting requires a lot of work, that involves tracking, cutting down expenses and then following the plan. Making an accurate budget is a tenuous process, but with the smartphone apps mentioned above, which are also available on the web, budgeting and money management has become a lot easier. Download one of the apps that seems like a good fit for you and start working on your financial management plans today!


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